About Arteria Ventures

‌Arteria Ventures is a leading software and artificial intelligence research company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our fundamental mission is to engineer sustainable technologies that have a positive impact on humanity. What sets us apart is our global reach, as we take pride in developing products and brands on a worldwide scale. “Arteria” symbolizes the vital pathways we create, connecting pioneering ideas with actionable strategies, facilitating progress. “Ventures” underscores our entrepreneurial spirit, signifying our commitment to embarking on innovative journeys with a clear focus on sustainability. Our current products are Faladdin, Binnaz, Vimbo and Sertac Tasdelen.

Our Vision

‌Providing the Best Employee Experience:
We believe in empowering our employees with opportunities for skill enhancement, career advancement, and a sense of purpose in their work. Our commitment is to provide a workplace where every individual can thrive, innovate, and contribute to our collective success.

‌Cultivating a Civilized Corporate Culture:
We nurture a corporate culture that is both forward-thinking and people-centered, allowing our teams to thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

‌Building Global Love Brands:
As a testament to our commitment to global excellence, we aim to create brands that resonate with love and admiration on a worldwide scale.

‌Creating a Global Impact:
We aim to develop technologies that transcend borders, making a meaningful difference worldwide. Fostering Innovation: Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation, driving change and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

‌Championing Sustainability:
We are dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that our technologies have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our Mission

Arteria Ventures, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is a pioneering software and research company. Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to engineer sustainable technologies for the benefit of all humanity.

Arteria Ventures’ Employee Value Proposition

At Arteria Ventures, we offer a dynamic environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds - whether A-type personalities, engineers, or creative thinkers - collaborate to challenge conventions, advance technology, and envision a world where change is not only possible but inevitable. We are a team of achievers, dreamers, and visionaries who thrive on defying the notion of the impossible.

Faladdin: Faladdin is an AI-powered application that delves into individual life analysis. This innovative app merges deep learning techniques with the age-old wisdom of mystical practices such as Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, and Coffee Cup Reading. With an impressive global reach, Faladdin has over 50 million downloads from around the world. Its availability in English, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, and Arabic languages ensures that its transformative insights touch lives across cultures.

Binnaz: Binnaz stands as a holistic consultancy marketplace that thrives on diversity and expertise. Housing professional consultants, astrologers, readers, and life coaches, Binnaz fosters a space where seekers connect with insightful minds. It’s a platform where wisdom, guidance, and self-discovery converge, forming an integral part of our brand family.

Vimbo: Nurturing young minds for a brighter future is the purpose behind Vimbo, a safe and educational children’s app. Vimbo caters to children aged 1-8 by offering a curated selection of age-filtered videos, audio, picture storybooks, and engaging games. This app is not just about entertainment, but about shaping the next generation’s learning experiences in an interactive and secure digital environment. Sertac Tasdelen: Bridging technology and fashion,

Sertac Tasdelen embodies our commitment to innovative design philosophies. As an e-commerce venture, it blends technological advancements with the allure of fashion, delivering a unique experience.

Arteria Ventures is an Endeavor Company, and we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation while keeping sustainability at the forefront of all our endeavors.

  • Being part of a dynamic work culture where you will have business exposure from day one

  • Pet Health Insurance

  • Quarterly Bonus

  • Remote Work Opportunity

  • Paid Birthday Leave

  • Working for a fast growing technology startup that spans across different countries around the world.